Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not Talking

Or rather, not writing much because, honestly, there's not much to talk about. There's no knitting talk, as my knitting has slowed waaaaayyy down due to a couple of bigger non-knitting projects I'm working on. And I don't want to talk about the bigger projects either. The first is because it's a super secret project (in other words, if it ends up looking like something one of the cats left in the litter box, I want to be able to deny all knowledge of it). The second project involves taking my house and turning it upside down and giving it a good shake. The process of which is interesting to me, but is totally boring for anyone else, especially without pictures to illustrate (really must figure out the camera/computer thing).

The one thing I have been doing that I can/will talk about is shopping. And can I say I have mixed feelings about that endeavor? Shopping at places like Out of Hand where one can purchase things like this pattern:

Or this:

Well, that's my idea of a good time. And going to HMV to pick up Series One of Torchwood, well that's a pretty good option too. However, shopping for pants. Not so much. One day I will find the perfect combo of thigh/butt/waist/leg size and length, but today was not that day. I did end up with a couple of pairs from Eddie Bauer at a fairly reasonable price (not as reasonable as someone else found though) so it's all good.

Liza {who notes and when she does find those illusive perfect pants, the style will promptly be discontinued}

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thinking of Spring

Even though Calgary is still firmly in the grasp of Old Man Winter, I'm dreaming about spring. Specifically, knitting for spring. This pattern was in the last shipment from Blue Sky Alpaca

And then there was this yarn, (Skinny Dyed Cotton in Zinc)

And well, the temptation was just too great. So, even though I should be working on something useful like my bulky sweater or thrummed mitts or the like, I'm busy trying to figure out how to shorten the skirt portion of that top and looking on-line for pretty ribbon.

Liza {who's planning to close all the blinds, turn up the heat and pretend it's close enough to spring to make knitting this reasonable}

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What I didn't talk about

I had a whole long post ready to go in which I whined a whole lot about sleep or rather not sleeping, but I decided that was something I wasn't going to bore folks (including myself) about. Instead I'm gonna show you what happens when you go to Tuesday Knit Nite after a new shipment arrives.

It seems you see yummy yarn like this:
(Dream in Color's Smooshy)

And you decide you must make this:
(Jeanie from Knitty Winter 2007)

So, you buy said yarn and thus break your determination that you were not going to buy anymore yarn. Or at least, not buy anymore yarn that day. I am soooo weak. However, it must be noted that I did not buy this:

(Jordana Paige's Bella in Purl)




Yet, anyway.

In other news, our weather has greatly improved as a chinook has blown in. Yay!

Liza {who's sure she'll break down on that bag sooner or later, it's perfect!}

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Progress Report

In an effort to keep on track, I thought I'd give a progress report on my Mission Possible 2008 goals at the begining of each month. Or that's the plan, we'll see how that goes.

1) Give away, sell, whatever, but get rid of the 2 bags of random “what was I thinking” yarn (seems if you put a sale sign on it, I’ll buy anything). Done
2) Offspring # 2’s Blue Sky Alpacas’ Hooded Pullover in Dyed Cotton (the one that was supposed to be for Christmas). Finished first sleeve, working on the second.
3) Jumbo cat blanket (aka an afghan for the living room, but I might as well be honest about it’s eventual fate). A couple more inches done~man this is a slog.
4) KP&S’s Weekend Neck Down Jacket in Blue Sky Alpacas’ bulky. Not touched this for a couple of weeks. Really could have used it this week though, it's been cold!
5) All the little kid items (charity knitting) that have been languishing about. I’m counting this as one item even though there are, oh, 2 vests, 3 cardi’s, 2 pullovers and a baby sweater in the bunch . Mostly because they all just need a little bit of finishing work. Nada.
6) At least 2 pairs of socks of the ½ dozen or so on the needles. One pair finished, of course I also started another pair since making this list, but we won't talk about that.
7) The Blue Sky Alpacas’ Eyelet Cardigan in Dyed Cotton (it just needs finishing work). Haven't even pulled it out of it's bag yet. However, it is a summer sweater and well, summer feels a long way off yet.
8) 2 new items for charity (deadline of Feb. 8th for charity knit night @ Make One Yarn Studio). Nothing here, better hurry with this as that's this Friday. Someone please explain how it got to be FEBRUARY already?
9) My version of Mr. Greenjeans in Dream in Color’s Cocoakiss. If moving it from one knitting bag to another counts as progress, then there's been some. Otherwise, not so much.
10) KP&S’s Neckdown Wrap Cardigan in Malabrigo (same pattern as the one in the previous post). Ditto.
11) Blue Sky Alpacas’ Scoop Neck Vest in Classic Elite’s Renaissance. I found the final ball of yarn for this that I'd misplaced, that counts as progress, doesn't it?
12) Fleece Artist’s Lady of the Lake in Curlylocks and Fleece Artist Aran Yarn. Not even sure where this one's gotten too. Probably in the pile of project bags beside my knitting spot.

As an aside, living in Calgary can provide some interesting suprises. For example, I opened my kitchen blinds this morning in time to see this whip by. And I do mean whip, it was going fast!

Liza {who wonders about these folks sanity, it was flippin' cold this morning and they're out there in a balloon? }