Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Summer Knitting

I have been getting nothing but grief for not posting for almost 2 months...yes, I know. I am a bad blogger. I promise I will attempt to get better at it. However, on to the reason for the post. I have been busy knitting this summer and have finally taken a couple of pictures of the items to post.

First off...2 new pair of socks. Both of these socks are made out of Tofutsies in the great pattern that KnittingGrammy started me out on. Indy decided he also needed to be in on the photo.

Next project is a Chevron Scarf made out of Koigu. I still haven't blocked it so you don't get a full picture, just a shot to give you an idea of it.

The next pair of socks a simple version of the 2 socks made out of Tofutsies. I made this pair out of Drops Alpaca. These are going to be going to a very good friend of mine as a little thank you for her support this summer. Hopefully she will like them.

And last but not least, I made a kitten bed for my little fuzzies. I of course had to deviate from the pattern and it did not turn out to be what I wanted at all!! However, from the pictures, both Dega and Indy don't seem to mind that it didn't really turn out. I am going to have to try this pattern again and actually, follow the pattern completely.

I promise I will post in the next couple of days on what is currently on my needles. Until then...peace....out!