Friday, August 6, 2010

Dazed and Confused

Day 6,

Roman Baths (2), Castles (3), Harbours (lost count), Churches (ditto), St. Michael's Mount,

Tintern Abby

And a visit to Colour Mart (no pictures, but there should be~mind boggling!) has left us just a little overwhelmed. More detail when the mind(s) are less boggled!
Liza {who's looking forward to her bed}

Monday, August 2, 2010

End of Day 2 Touring...Possible 2 days behind.

So, it is the end of day 2 of touring and day 3 of travel. Day 1 was a right off. Landed in London and found our hotel in Newbury with only a little bit of trouble...always helps to have the directions that you have printed off.

Day 1 - traveled to Avebury and walked around the town and saw all of the stones. Then drove down to Stonehenge. It really is just landed in the middle of a field. Rather amazing! Finished there and drove down to Plymouth at the coast.

Day 2 - started bright and early and started with driving down to Truro. Walked around the town and looked at the cathedral and abbey. Amazing. Continued on down the road to St. Michael's Mount. We took the boat over to the island but by the time we finished climbing and walking around, the tide had come down enough that we were able to walk back to shore. Once finished walking around the town, we got back on the road. We looked for a castle just off the main highway but never did see it. We did however, find a very quaint town and wandered around it. Got back on the road and finished the drive to Exeter where we have just finished having dinner and are settling in for the night.

Tomorrow, we are off to Bath. After that...not sure. Will depend on how much more I can drive after touring.

Cheers to all,
Heather and Liza

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


And Liza thinks she has stress! I am panicking on getting ready AND I have the stress of knowing that I have to drive on the wrong side of the road in 3 days....count them....3 DAYS!!! Not only driving on the wrong side of the road, but I have Liza in the car with me....she has been told she only gets one panic attack....then she gets blind folded! :o)


Fingers and toes, fingers and toes.

Those lyrics from this Tragically Hip song are running thru' my head right now. Because when one is is doing the Kermit the Frog, run around waving your arms over your head panic move, it totally makes sense to spend 2 hours at the salon having a mani/pedi. Yes, yes it does.

Other ways to "calm panic" (that is to say, totally procrastinate), includes searching Google images for photos of places we will be, say, like here:

The Bridge of Allan (town/city closest to UK Knit Camp)

Or here:

University of Stirling where Knit Camp is being held.

Liza {who could not find a video of that Kermit the Frog move anywhere on line and the one that plays in her head is a little hard to post ;-)}

Monday, July 26, 2010

Chaos, confusion and panic

Four more sleeps and then we're off here:

And here:
And here:

Where we'll be attending this event.

The panic, chaos and confusion is 'cause we're so not ready. Wish us luck!/div>
Liza {who's maybe a wee bit stressed!}

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just because

Someone was suggesting it was way past time to post again, I am. Not that I have anything interesting to say, or any cool pictures to share.

There's been some knitting, the red/grey/black Dragon Scale Scarf (Rav link) is finished, just needs to be blocked and have the ends woven in. A couple more socks have been finished, but until I find the bag of second skeins, they are doomed to a lonely existence.

Of course there are a number of new projects on the needles, but well, we don't need to discuss that. At least not until I have pictures.

Liza {who promises to find the cable for the camera so she can have pictures for the next post}

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Status Update

For those who may be concerned, Vegetable Sister #2 is back home and says she's doing well.

Liza {who thinks tomorrow may be a different story}